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Henna Crowns

When a Queen needs a crown to remind her she's amazing

Henna Crown Brisbane
In this image, Mair is wearing her victory wreath, the last henna crown we did as she had completed her course of chemo!
She is a Queen.

There's been some buzz recently about adorning naked heads with henna, forming a 'crown'.  It's a way to accept and own the loss of hair that comes with chemo and other conditions - not all hair loss is from cancer! Some comes from genetic causes such as alopecia, hormonal imbalances such as PCOS or thyroid disease, severe nutritional deficits or eating disorders, chemical exposure, behavioral processes,  or acute or chronic illness.

It is also important to note that not all hair 'loss' is involuntary. Some people are bald by choice, and decorating their scalp with henna may be nothing more than and extension of their self expression.

However, for those for whom it is an involuntary process, it can bring a lot of emotions. Henna crowns are a means to empower and taking a step closer to embracing the body as beautiful and powerful.

When doing henna on the scalp of someone who is very ill, it is important that the henna mix be mild, avoiding as many potential irritants as possible as the skin may be much more sensitive than usual, or unanticipated interactions may occur. It is a good idea to get a full ingredient list and have the recipient run it by their medical professional before proceeding.

The mildest possible mix is pure henna powder, filtered water, and organic sugar.  Be mindful that just as even grass can affect some people, even this mix can irritate skin in some people. 

If you are going to use an essential oil, we recommend using lavender, unless of course there is a pre-existing allergy. Make sure this is in the ingredients list you provide your client for medical approval. It is suggested that it is a good idea to use at half strength, so equivalent to 10-15ml per 100g powder. Be aware that the skin on the scalp is thin and oily, and is NOT an idea canvas for henna, so the boost that using a safe essential oil can provide may be the difference between a satisfactory and an unsatisfactory result in the stain. Health always comes first though. 

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Crowns can be a symbol of power and victory, or of femininity and beauty, or both! Some clients request that important symbols or words that encourage or empower them be included.  









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In the case of alopecia, henna can be a lot of fun! With less concern about fragile health and less sensitive skin, a more robust mix can be used confidently. 




How much do henna crowns cost?

We do NOT do henna crowns for free, although we do understand that chronic illness can become very financially burdensome. We will give you a quote for the full price based on what you are requesting, and ask that you pay as much of that as you are able. You are not a charity case, you are a warrior, and deserve your pride and dignity. 

Where are you based?

We are in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast. In most cases crowns are done in-house, although if you are too unwell to travel or do not wish to, we can come to you.  On location appointments may attract a travel fee, and full price will apply. 


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