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Dotty Henna

There are a few essentail elements in henna designs, dots are one of them. It is worth while spending some time mastering these and knowing some different ways to use them effectively. 

Use graduated dots to good effect
Well placed dots can enhance your henna design. There are times that graduating the size of your dots gives a soft tapering look. As you make your dots smaller, make the space between them smaller too.
henna dots
You can see tapered dots used in this design to add movement and delicacy to an otherwise bold design. 
tapered dots henna
Sometimes, same sized dots can provide a border or framework. Keep the size and spacing as even as you can. 
henna design border 

And finally, dots can add a whimsical feel. Add them randomly in different sizes as dots and spots, or use them to imply shapes such as leaves.

pregnancy henna

To make a dot, hold your cone tip slightly above the surface and squeeze while holding in place. Do not attempt to 'draw' a dot unless it is not a dot but a large spot. Experiment with how large you can make your dot. Holding your cone tip in place and allowing the henna paste to 'pool' around the tip will give you a perfectly found dot. Lift the tip directly upwards with a quick snap to stop the tail dragging out and spoiling your perfectly round henna dot. Have fun with them! Try doing different sizes and spacings. Remember that there are different ways to use dots that compliment your design in different ways. Enjoy your dotty henna fun! How much sugar is in your paste will make dots easier or harder to do. 

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