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 How do I open my henna cone?

When you make a henna cone, you can roll it open or closed.  This article deals with a closed cone - one where the tip is rolled to a sharp point  and no (or virtually no) henna comes out.
The first consideration when cutting your cone open is how thick your paste is.  If you like to use a thin paste, you will want to start with a very small hole.  Any cones you buy from Henna Oasis will need a small hole. 
If your henna paste is thicker then you can make a larger hole.  The other time you will want a larger hole is if you are doing a big bold piece of work with heavy filled in areas or very heavy lines. 
You will need sharp scissors, nail clippers or other sharp blade. 
The cut needs to be clean, so blunt scissors will not give you a good result and your paste is likely to curl up on itself and not come out smoothly.  You need to cut it as straight across as possible in order to get a good flow.

Cut conservatively!  You can't put it back on if you cut too much off, but you can always snip another bit off if needed.  Don't worry if your cone hole is not as small as in this image, if you're happy with your balance of texture and pressure and you can achieve the look you are wanting, that's all that matters.

Henna Cone size tip 

This same tip size will allow you to do thick and thin lines.  It's all a matter of pressure and speed, so experiment!  If you find that you can't squeeze your henna out without some effort, it may be too thick for the size of the hole.  Decide if you want to either 1) thin out your henna and re-cone or 2) cut a bigger hole and do bolder lines.  It could also be that the powder you are using is a poor sift with a lot of debris such as twigs and sand in it.  This is common in cheap henna.  The henna powders we carry in our store are what we use so you can be assured if you buy from us you can get a teeny tiny fine line with your henna cone!

It should require virtually no squeezing effort to get the henna to come out smoothly. Use sugar to thin your henna.. learn how in The purpose of sugar in henna paste.

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