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Henna Paste Consistency

How to get it right.


Getting consistency right is one of the things I found the hardest when I started out mixing my own henna 10 years ago. It took me around 2 years to realise I'd been mixing it way to thick! It was a turning point in my henna journey when I was able to make paste that was smooth and sleek and I didn't have to struggle with. 
I wish I'd seen a video just like this one to help me figure it out! This is my paste, and how I like it to be. You only need a teeny tiny hole in your cone to use it. It enables you to get super fine lines as well as bold.

Watch my video below. Notice how the paste ribbons easily off the spatula, and particularly how it looks when it lands back in the bowl. You want the curves of the ribbon to collapse on each other and slump down. You don't want any firm edges standing proud or any hollows to remain, but you also want the edges of the slumped ribbon to be defined and not melt into each other. It is a fine line. If you're making a small batch, say 4 tablespoons of henna, you want to add only a fraction of a teaspoon of water at a time if your paste is too thick. Stir well and check between each addition. Alternatively you can use sugar to get your consistency correct. The purpose of sugar in henna paste
If it's too thin/runny, you can add more powder. You don't need to wait for dye release again for this tiny bit. Make sure to stir it really well. This powder is our certified organic Rajasthani henna powder. We are very proud of it! You can buy it here.

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