BLONDE Cassia Natural Hair Dye or conditioning treatment Hair 100g

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Cassia auriculata Herbal Hair Treatment and Dye. A Natural Blonde Dye 100g

equivalent to Cassia obivata. Marginally less dye content, same conditioning effect!


Cassia Obivata is well known as a conditioning treatment for hair. Cassia auriculata has the same conditioning effect, making hair healthy, thick, and shiny without altering the hair colour. It is also considered to help with hair loss.

*note that the difference between Cassia obivata and Cassia auriculata is not noticeable when used as either a herbal conditioning treatment or as a natural blonde dye. Many Cassia sellers actually stock auriculata and call it obivata 

It is sometimes call "Neutral Henna" although it is not henna at all!

Using Cassia as a dye:

To brighten blonde or grey hair

- mix cassia with warm to hot water and let sit for 4 hours. Apply to dry or damp hair in sections, starting at the top and piling up as you go. Wrap it up in an old towel, cling wrap, or a shower cap. Leave it in your hair for 4 hours and rinse with water. Use shampoo to remove residue. 

Strawberry blonde for blonde or grey hair

- mix 80% cassia and 20% henna powders with warm to hot water. Let it sit for 4 hours. Apply to wet or damp hair in sections, working from the front and piling up as you go. Wrap in an old towel, cling wrap, or shower cap and let it soak in for 3-4 hours. Rinse and shampoo to remove any residual product. 

Try a 50/50 mix for stronger red tones. This will give a copper red. Lighter hair will achieve brighter colours. 

As a conditioning treatment for thick, healthy, shiny hair

- mix cassia with water to a pancake batter consistency and apply immediately to dry or damp hair. Let it soak in for 1 hour and rinse and shampoo. 



It depends on how long your hair is! Extremely thick hair may need more. These are TOTAL amounts, how much of each individual powder will depend on what colour you are hoping to achieve.

  • Above your ear, 50-75 grams
  • Around shoulder length, 100-125 grams
  • Bra strap (mid-back) length needs 150-175 grams
  • Above waist length hair, 200-250 grams
  • Hip length, 250-300 grams


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