RED Natural hair dye - Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder 100g

hennared1henna in dark hairCertified Organic Rajasthani henna
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100g certified organic Rajasthani henna powder

 2016 crop 

suitable for both skin and hair

One of the only genuinely certified organic henna powders on the market, organic Rajasthani gives a beautiful rich colour. Mix with warm water and apply immediately to your hair. Leave on for 2-4 hours depending on desired colour concentration or stubbornness of your hair! Use this natural dye on grey hair for a medium red to rich red. Dark hair will get a warm red sheen. Very dark hair will have a red sheen in sunlight. Blonde will be a strong vibrant red!

Henna strengthens hair and adds vibrant shine. 

 Click here to find out more about henna for hair!

How much do I need?

It depends on how long your hair is! Extremely thick hair may need more. These are TOTAL amounts, how much of each individual powder will depend on if you are blending it with other powders.

  • Above your ear, 50-75 grams
  • Around shoulder length, 100-125 grams
  • Bra strap (mid-back) length needs 150-175 grams
  • Above waist length hair, 200-250 grams
  • Hip length, 250-300 grams

This colour is PERMANENT and must be grown out. It does not fade to orange like chemical dyes do. 

It will not lighten your hair at all. It is a transparent colour and your final result will be a combination of your starting colour and the henna red. See the image of a twisted lock of hair. This is henna over dark brown hair with grey streaks. You can see how the dye is influenced by the starting colour.

Colour develops in approximately 2 days on hair. You won't see your final colour immediately after washing the henna out. It will be quite bright and a bit orange. It will deepen and become more red over a couple of days. If you are colouring your hair for a special occasion, do it a few days before hand. 

Your hair may feel dry after you wash out the henna. Don't worry, your hair is not damaged. It is the final residue of the henna powder clinging to your hair shaft. It will be soft and silky and shiny again as soon as it has a second wash. We recommend waiting a couple of days if you can.



*this is the same product as our henna for body art. This listing is to enable information specific to hair use. Prices etc are the same.


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