bulk Jamila henna powder

$7.90 each
$6.30 per unit for buying at least 20
$6.00 per unit for buying at least 50
$5.60 per unit for buying at least 100
Weight: 120 g


2017 crop Jamila henna powder - basically henna royalty.

Wholesale purchase prices for quantities over 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg


Suitable for skin or hair, sold in 100g packets, inner foil package and outer box.

Jamila is probably the most trusted and well known branded henna powder on the market, and counterfiet products are often found attempting to benefit from it's long and reliable history.
It is grown in Pakistan and the sift is amazingly fine. Jamila will very rarely clog an applicator. It requires a long dye release time, often overnight. In warm climates and mixed with water, dye release takes about 6 hours. Lemon mixes are about three times as long.
The colour of Jamila stain on skin and hair is also slower to develop, taking on average three days to fully bloom

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