$1.00 each Weight: 27 g



Dextrose - a simple sugar

Doesn't our little friend look excited about all that sugar! We're very happy to be adding dextrose to our product line to make life easier for our customers. Dextrose is a grain* sugar, and as a monohydrate, freezes well without breaking down. Your paste consistency will change less on defrosting if you use a monohydrate sugar. We loves it. We loves it a lot. Just like my little friend. Only we don't roll around in it.

Available in three sizes -

5 grams - 2 teaspoons approx
25 grams - 2 tablespoons approx
100 grams - 9 tablespoons approx

See the tutorial post on sugar here to learn more about sugars, why we use them, and how to work out how much you need.

* although dextrose is derived from grains, it is heavily processed and according to the manufacturer is gluten free.

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