Pro Henna Kit CAJEPUT EO *now including dextrose!

$22.00 each Weight: 261 g

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Professional henna bundle/kit. 

100g henna powder - JAMILA (usually certified organic Rajasthani-out of stock)

30ml cajeput essential oil - steam distilled. the industry standard quantity of oil to go with 100g powder

25 grams dextrose, equivalent to two tablespoons. It's what we use when the weather is 75% humidity or less. 

12 sheets pre cut cello. We might throw in some extras. Maybe we're generous, maybe it's slippery and hard to count! You'll never know.


This bundle is intended as a value pack, we're only giving you what you'll actually need. This bundle will make approximately 330 grams of paste, or 11 x 30 gram cones. It's the henna pro kit!


This value bundle does not include instruction book or pretty packaging.  In buying this pro bundle we assume you know what you're doing. If you're new to henna, we suggest purchasing a kit instead.

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