Regular Henna Kit

henna kit
henna kit
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Regular Henna Kit - for the henna curious or hobbyist

The regular sized henna kit contains: henna powder, cajeput essential oil, dextrose, pre-cut cone making material, and "Beginner's Guide to Using Henna" booklet (12p). Simple and easy to follow instructions, and everything you need that you won't already have readily available at home.
This kit contains the same great ingredients used by Henna Oasis and drawn from our current stock regularly so you can be sure it will never be stale or nasty. Great value for the henna curious! Makes 5 cones, approx 10 strip style designs per cone. Buy henna kit as a gift or for yourself to play. A Henna Kit is a great gift idea for teens or crafty friends.


Our Regular natural Henna Kit Contains: (click here for large kit)

Henna Powder 35 grams (approx)
Dextrose (grain sugar) 10 ml
Cajeput essential oil 10 ml
Pre-cut cello for making applicators x 5
Beginner's Guide to Henna instruction booklet

In addition to your Henna Kit you will need:

filtered water
sticky tape
stocking (optional)
freezer bag or similar
bowl and spoon

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