bottle sets

3 bottle set with 3 tips, one each size
$13.25 each Weight: 90 g

bottle sets


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Applicator bottle sets - bottle, tip, plug, cap ~ 1/2oz or 18ml approximate volume when filled to the neck.


Sometimes called jac bottles or jacquard bottles, these applicators are delightfully soft and squishy which is really important when you're squeezing paste out of a tiny tip! Three tip sizes are available and we recommend having a range at your disposal. Options people, options!


These bottles come with a plug and a white cap that fits over the plug. The plug is designed to accept the metal tips. Tips are pushed onto the plug firmly and removed by pulling and twisting. The plug alone is not suitable for application for body art.

To remove the plug to clean or fill your bottle, push it sideways firmly.  


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