Fresh Henna in Cones *Organic Ingredients*

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Fresh henna made from organic ingredients.

We can't call them 'organic' as we don't have certification. It's expensive. Our products would cost you more if we had it.  

Shipping by express post is highly recommended for all orders containing henna paste.

This handmade artisan henna paste is made from certified organic ingredients, these henna cones are ideal for pregnancy, chemotherapy patients, and anyone who is concerned about using the healthiest products available - but please check with your doctor first, especially if you have fragile health.

Made with certified organic cajeput essential oil, they do not differ in consistency or staining power from our regular henna paste as only the oil is different as we use Certified Organic henna powder for both pastes. 

Cones will last for several months in the freezer. One cone is sufficient for approximately 8-10 medium strip designs or 20 small designs.

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