Fresh Henna Paste in Cones

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Fresh Henna Paste in Cones - 30 grams 

Made with stringy Rajasthani henna powder.

A little piping bag full of fresh handmade henna goodness ready to use. 

Shipping by Express post is highly recommended for fresh paste as it is a perishable product and transit time matters. It needs to get back into your freezer ASAP. If you choose Regular Post you do so at your own risk as we cannot guaranteed it will still be at peak staining power.  Fresh paste is ONLY shipped on Mondays if you are in a non-metro area to reduce transit time.

Professional grade fresh henna cones.

This handmade artisan henna paste contains 100% natural certified organic Rajasthani henna powder to give ideal staining power and consistency. Usually contains cajeput essential oil, but may be lavender or organic in order to fill your order in a timely manner.  Please let us know if you cannot have lavender oil.
Cones will last for several months in the freezer. One cone is sufficient for approximately 8-10 medium strip designs or 20 small designs. Contains approximately 30g of henna paste.

Here's some things that henna paste is sometimes called... Henna ink, henna tubes, henna tattoo ink, mehndi cone, henna paint, henna pen, henna paste cones. They are all slightly correct! Henna paste is the mixture, a henna cone is the cone shaped applicator tool the henna paste is put into. It does resemble a pen in some ways, so some people call it a henna pen. Paint and ink are self explanatory!

Henna tattoo pen is likely to make most henna artists and enthusiasts cringe! It's not a tattoo, there is no penetration of the skin, and it's not pretending to be a tattoo either, anymore than socks are pretending to be feet! 

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