Indigo Powder 100g Natural hair dye Certified Organic

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Certified Organic Indigo Powder 100g

This indigo is for hair application only. It is not suitable for body art. 

Apply mixed with henna powder for brown tones, apply after henna for black. 

Indigo colour can fade, unlike henna so it will require refreshing.. but it does fade around the time your regrowth would be showing. Indigo fade means that more of the henna auburn/red will show through. Indigo is a safe alternative to commercial hair dyes which often contain sensitising petrolium derived ingredients such as paraphenylendiamine (PPD). 

Indigo alone will give a blue/purplish tone to pale hair. We recommend using it in combination with henna.

Indigo does not require a wait time, it is ready to use immediately. In fact the sooner the better! If you are planning to use your indigo powder mixed with henna, we recommend preparing your henna first, then mixing your indigo with water and blending in the henna only 20-30 minutes before you are ready to apply it to your hair. 

How much powder do I need?

It depends on how long your hair is! Extremely thick hair may need more. These are TOTAL amounts, how much of each individual powder will depend on what colour you are hoping to achieve.

  • Above your ear, 50-75 grams
  • Around shoulder length, 100-125 grams
  • Bra strap (mid-back) length needs 150-175 grams
  • Above waist length hair, 200-250 grams
  • Hip length, 250-300 grams

 Bleaching after using indigo is NOT recommended as the colour may be unexpected. 

Do not freeze indigo powder. Seal airtight and keep in a cool place. Mix only what you need as unused indigo paste will not keep.


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