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Henna artist servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas, located in Upper Coomera.

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Located on the beautiful Gold Coast Australia, Henna Oasis specializes in the exquisite semi-permanent traditional art form of henna. Henna is often thought of as a temporary tattoo, but it has grown as a tradition parallel to tattooing, and is not a fake tattoo... it is real henna!
Henna traditions have grown wherever the plant grows natively, so it it a cross-cultural and multi-faith art form. No single culture can claim ownership of henna as a body adornment. Henna body art is now widely recognized in many countries and is well deserving of it's reputation of timeless beauty. Style and grace are epitomised by this ancient tradition.henna on legs

Henna is a unique addition to a hen's night, special event, party, wedding or function.

Make your special occasion memorable!


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